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Visual Studies Program

Tracy Xavia Karner, Director

Tracy Xavia KarnerThe visual sociologist, Tracy Xavia Karner, uses visual technologies and resources to study the social construction and transformation of self and identity. She has explored these processes on the individual, social-cultural, organizational, and community levels in a variety of contexts, including hospitals, community service agencies, nationalist movements, and the mass media.

An award winning teacher and a nationally-known expert in the field of medical sociology, she is the recipient of an award from the American Sociological Association and of more than $2.7 million in grants to support her collaborative research projects. Dr. Karner has coauthored a textbook with Carol Warren , Discovering Qualitative Research: Field Methods, Interviews, and Analysis, 2nd Edition, (Oxford University Press 2010) and the text for Hard Knocks: Rolling with the Derby Girls by photographer Shelley Calton (Kehrer Verlag, 2009).

Her publications, which deal with gender, mental health, social policy, art aesthetics, ethnicity, and nationalist movements, have appeared in such peer reviewed journals as Symbolic Interactionism, Qualitative Health Research, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Communication and Cognition, American Studies Journal, masculinities, Clinical Sociology Review, Journal of Aging Studies, Journal of Aging and Mental Health, American Sociologist, Journal of Applied Gerontology, and Journal of Aging and Social Policy.

Phone: 713.743.3961