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Program Initiatives

at the University of Houston is dedicated to:

Our Workshops

To enhance faculty expertise, the Visual Studies Program will host a series of intensive workshops dealing with such topics as:

Cerro Rico, Bolivia
©2006 Jerome Crowder

Our Lectures and Conferences:

Corona, Italy, © David Jacobs

Our program will organize and offer regular public lectures and conferences directed at faculty, students, and interested community members. These events will be videotaped and made available via videostreaming on our program's website.

Our International Collaborative Network

We are in discussion with two members of our advisory board-- Jon Prosser, Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds; and Patrizia Faccioli of the Facoltà di Scienze Politiche di Forlì, Università di Bologna-who have agreed to lead multi-day workshops on the use and interpretation of visual materials which we hope to videotape and videostream on the program's website. We believe that these workshops, making use of visual resources in Britain and Italy, can serve as a prototype for future workshops that take advantage of visual materials and experts internationally.