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Minor in Chinese Studies

Components of the curriculum in Chinese Studies

The minor in Chinese Studies requires 15 semester hours taken from the courses listed below. A minimum of 9 hours must be taken in residence, and at least 6 of the 9 hours must be advanced. A student must earn a 2.00 grade-point average in all courses attempted in the minor field at the University of Houston.

Required courses

Nine hours must be taken from:
Chinese 2302: Intermediate Chinese II
Chinese 3301: Third-year Mandarin Chinese I
Chinese 3302: Third-year Mandarin Chinese II
Chinese 3303: Readings in Modern Chinese
Chinese 3304: Business Chinese
Chinese 3305: Survey of Chinese Literature


  1. 2302, 3301, 3302 are restricted to nonnative speakers of Chinese.

  2. Students who have native or near native Chinese language fluency should take 3304 and/or 3305; they may replace a language course by a nonlanguage /culture course.

Six hours must be taken from:

Chinese 3350: Chinese Culture through films (Taught in English)
Chinese 3352: Chinese Culture and Society Through Modern Literature (Core Course for Humanities; Taught in English)
Chinese 3354: Chinese Language and Culture (Taught in English)
History 3395: Modern East Asia- China
History 4382: Traditional China
History 4383: Modern China
CUST 4300: Introduction to Asian American Studies
POLS 4321: Democracy in AsiaECON 3355: Economic Development of Asia
RELS 3396: Revolving topic: Asian Religions

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