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Global CASA and LACASA: Current Offerings and Backlist, 2013

Global CASA and LACASA Books announces its second round of publications, including new texts from its series of Testmonio, Crónica and Documents (TCD), as well as U.S. and Chicago Latino Studies (USCLS) and Central American Studies (CACS):

Giros Culturales - front cover

_____ Giros culturales en la marea rosa de América LatinaGiros culturales en la marea rosa de América Latina. Developed under the auspices of the Section on Culture, Politics and Power of the Latin American Studies Association, this latest book in LACASA's series on Cultural Studies and Globalization in Latin America, explores relations between politics and cultural processes in a time when several left governments have emerged in Central and South America. Edited by Luis Ochoa Bilbao (BUAP, Pueblo Mexico) and Marc Zimmerman (U. of Houston), this volume includes articles by Benjamin Arditi, Jesús Martín Barbero, John Beverley, Ricardo Forster, the late Eduardo Rosenzvaig and other scholars dealing with Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Mexico. (View detailed description in Spanish)
ISBN: 978-1-4675-2777-4452499
Retail Price: $24.95; Special LACASA friend price: $18.95--plus s/h ($4.00 in USA).

El despertar cover

_____ Marc Zimmerman, Defending their Own in the Cold: The Cultural Turns of U.S. Puerto Ricans, published by the U. of Illinois Press. Hardcover only. Retails for $55.00. Special LACASA friend price: $32.00 plus $4.00 s/h, along with a complementary copy of your choice from the Global CASA/LACASA backlist $2.00 s/h in USA. View detailed description. Runnerup for Frank Bonilla Book of the Year Prize 2012--Puerto Rican Studies Association; Winner, Hermandad Prize 2012--Instituto de Puerto Rico, New York.


Giros Culturales - front cover

_____Jose Gamaliel González: Documenting the Life and Work of a Chicago Mexican Artist and Activist. A DVD with a mass of art work, photos, letters, newspaper articles and other documents, along with extended intros and voiceovers, complementing González’s autobiography of 2010 (see next entry). View detailed description. Retail $20.00. Special LACASA subscriber/friend price: $15.00. Plus s/h.

El despertar cover

_____ José Gamaliel González, Bringing Aztlan to Mexican Chicago. Autobiography of a Chicago Mexican artist and activist, published by U. of Illinois Press. Retails for $30. Special LACASA friend price: $24.00, plus s/h ($4.00 en USA). View detailed description at: or

El despertar cover

_____ El despertar de las comunidades afro-colombianas
Co-publication with the Centro de Investigaciones Sociales de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (CIS).  Interviews of five Afro-Colombian leaders) introduced and edited by María-Inés Martínez (U. of Manitoba), with a presentation by CIS director Ángel Quintero Rivera. (see description ). 

ISBN: 978-1-4507-5911-3. Retails for $24.95. 
Special LACASA friend price: $16.95, plus s/h ($4.00 en USA).

Giros Culturales - front cover

_____Oscar Estrada, Honduras: Crónicas de un pueblo golpeado. A Honduran novelist’s brilliant day-by-day account of the Honduran golpe de estado of 2009. Co-published with Casasola. 2013. (View detailed description in Spanish) ISBN 978-098-50-8258-1 Retail Price: $24.95; Special LACASA subscriber/friend price: $18.95--plus s/h.


A Recent Video on El Salvador

Giros Culturales - front cover

____Manlio Augusta: Poets and Volcanoes (DVD).  Director Carolina Rivera, presents Manlio Argueta, a major Salvadoran poet and novelist, as he takes us through El Salvador’s recent turbulent period of insurrection and repression.  Only currently available at institutional purchase price of $350.00, s/h included. View detailed description. Those interested should recommend the DVD to city and campus library acquisitions programs, as well as other possible purchasers and urge them to contact

Backlist of Global CASA/ LACASA Publications Now Available @ $10.00 or @$5.00 for orders of 5 or more volumes.  Plus $3.00 s/h for one book or $2.00 s/h per book for 2 or more. 

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Collective Volumes on Latin American Cultural Studies and Globalization

In Spanish

_____ Orbis/Urbis Latino: Los “Hispanos” en las ciudades de los Estados Unidos.

Orbis/Urbis Latino book coverA collection showing how urban processes transform Latinos and how Latinos “latinize” the cities. John Beverley, Agustín Laó-Montes, Armando Silva, etc. ISBN 978-1-60643-705-6.

_____ Ir y venir: Procesos transnacionales entre América Latina y el norte

Ir y Venir book cover

Migration and cultural studies come together for a seminal collection that includes work by Sarah Mahler, John Gledhill, Arturo Arias, Abril Trigo, Carlos Monsiváis, etc. ISBN 0- 9767019-5-2.

View detailed description »


_____ Estudios culturales centroamericanos en el nuevo milenio.

Estudios Culturales Centroamericanos en el nuevo milenio book coverA pioneer collection including key contemporary themes. With Arturo Arias, John Beverley, Ileana Rodríguez, and many young specialists in the field. Co-pub. With U. of Costa Rica. ISBN 0-9767019-0.

View detailed description »

_____ Estudios culturales y cuestiones globales: Latinoamérica en la coyuntura transnacional.

Book Cover

Post- 9/11 perspectives on the field— articles by Daniel Mato, Abril Trigo, Santiago Castro-Gómez, Jeffrey Browitt, Anadeli Bencomo, etc. ISBN 956- 7003-97-1.


In English

_____ New World [Dis]Orders & Peripheral Strains. Book CoverEssays by Hugo Achugar, Arturo Arias, Elizam Escobar, Ileana Rodríguez, the editors and others on postmodernity and globalization. ISBN: 1-877636-19-9. $12.00


Marc Zimmerman Series in Pre-Post and Post Positions

In Spanish

_____ América Latina en el nuevo [des]orden mundial.

Book cover El Nuevo

Eight essays on globalization and transnacional processes--questions about inmigration, cities, borders, universities, Euro-Latin American relations and 9/11. ISBN: 0-9767019-3-6.

View detailed description »


_____ El momento fugaz: Posiciones posmodernas en el mundo Latinoamericano.

Book cover El momento Fugaz

Postmodern processes in Latin America, with essays on Marxism, literature, globalization and the future. ISBN 0-9767019-7-9.

View detailed description »




In English

_____ Mixing the Personal and Professional:  Essays, Days and Ways Left along the Way. Mixing the professional and the personalEssays on structuralism, New Left theory, Central American collage, Borders and other issues tracing an intellectual’s trajectory from the 1970s to the present. ISBN 0- 9767019-9-5.

View detailed description »



_____ South to North: Framing Latin and Central American, Caribbean and Latino Literatures. South to NorthEssays framing the studies of the literatures in question, exploring their unity and differentials. ISBN 0-9767019-3-6.

View detailed description »



_____ Lucien Goldmann, Genetic Structuralism and Cultural Creation in the Capitalist World. Book cover Lucien GoldmannA book tracing major themes in the work of a major sociologist of philosophy, culture and literature. ISBN 0-9767019-1- X.

View detailed description »



_____ Politics & Modernity/ Europe and Latin America. Politics and ModernityArt and politics in de Sade and Lautréamont, the Surrealist writers, Brecht and Picasso; transatlantic connections and transculturation processes in writers such as Borges, Fuentes, Darío, Cardoza y Aragón, Cardenal, Dalton, and Claribel Alegría. ISBN: 0-9767019-8-7.

View detailed description »

_____ Pre-Post Positions: Essays on Structures & History, Literary Theory and Aesthetics.Marxism, structuralism, structural historicism, art and politics in a world of commodity production. ISBN: 0-9767019- 2-8.

View detailed description »






_____ Stores of Winter. Stores of winter book coverShort fiction by Marc Zimmerman. Stories of childhood and notso- innocents abroad in Spain and Italy—plus a Jewish American tragic-comedy. ISBN 0- 9767019-4-4.

View detailed description »


Available once again:

_____Las ciudades latinoamericanas en el nuevo [des]orden mundial. Book CoverAvailable once again: Ciudades y globalización, con cuatro artículos sobre La Ciudad de México. Artículos por Saskia Sassen, Néstor García Canclini, Jesús Martín Barbero, etc. Siglo XXI, México. ISBN 968-23-2453-X. Retails for 24.99. Special LACASA friend price: $18.00, plus s/h ($4.00 en USA). View detailed description »

Plus, THE CENTRAL AMERICAN QUARTET (at $15.00 per book or $50 for all four), plus s/h (see order form below):

____Nicaragua in Revolution: The Poets Speak.  The classic bilingual poetic collage history portraying the Nicaraguan Revolutionary process.  New.

____Nicaragua in Reconstruction and at War.  English language poetry collage history of the Insurrection and Reconstruction years in Nicaragua. New, Hardcover.

____El Salvador at War.  English language poetry collage history of the Salvadoran struggle through peace accords.  New.

____Guatemala: Voices from the Silence.  English language poetry/testimonio collage history of Guatemala. Used but in good condition.

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