Sentence Fill-Drill for Wheelock Chapter 7

Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences. YOU HAVE TO SUPPLY THE WHOLE MAIN VERB.

1. The ancient kings did not love true peace.

Antîqu rêg vêr pâc nôn .

2. After our great efforts there will be a new time of songs.

Post magn labôr nostr nov temp carmin .

3. Marcus' great virtue and good character will conquer the Greeks' vices.

Magn virt morque bon Marc viti Graec .

4. The great virtue of the teacher is to endure many foolish people without anger.

Magn magist virt mult stult sine îr toler .

5. Y'all will be able to kill the mind and body but not the lasting fame of a great woman.

Anim corpque sed nôn perpetu magn fêmin fâm nec .

6. Who will be able to live life without the good love of a pretty wife?

Quis sine bon uxôr bell amôr vît age ?

7. If our lives are wicked, blame the pretty boys and the foolish songs of the Greek poets.

Sî vît nostr mal sunt, puer bell et stult Graec poêt carmin culp!

8. Dare to love wisdom and you will not see the evil customs of our time.

Aud sapienti am et mor tempor nostr mal nôn .