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A Compulsion for Antiquity:  Freud and the Ancient World.  Ithaca:  Cornell University Press, 2005. Paperback edition, Cornell UP 2006. For some reviews in brief, go here.


Edited Volumes


Remusings: Essays on the Translation of Classical Poetry, special issue of the journal Classical and Modern Literature 27.1. Co-edited with Elizabeth Vandiver.


Book Chapters

"Classical Translations of the Classics: The Dynamics of Literary Tradition in Retranslating Epic Poetry." Translation and the "Classic," edited by Alexandra Lianeri and Vanda Zajko. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2008.

“Last Words: Said, Freud, and Traveling Theory.”   Edward Said and Critical Decolonialization , edited by Ferial Ghazoul. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2007.   Pp. 120-148.

"Translating Ancient Epic," in A Companion to Ancient Epic. Blackwell Pubishing, 2005. Paperback edition, 2008.


With colleagues at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin I participated in an interdisciplinary research project titled Archive der Vergangenheit (see website).  See my chapter "Urorte und Urszenen.  Freud und die Figuren der Archäologie" in

Die Aktualität des Archäologischen, edited by Knut Ebeling and Stefan Altekamp.  Frankfurt am Main:  Fischer Verlag, 2004.  Pp. 137-158.  See reviews from Germany and Sweden.



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