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March 1992: Tenneco Distinguished Lecture Series
Lynton K. Caldwell, Indiana University
"Transitional Perspectives on Environmental Policies in the Americas"

March 1992: Texas Center for Enviromental Studies Conference (co-sponsor)
"Comparative Environmental Management in the Americas: Social, Cultural, and Legal Perspectives"

March 1992: Department of History, Honors Program, Institute for Public History Lecture (co-sponsor)
Herbert Mitgang, The New York Times
"Historical Revisionism"

April 1992: Department of History and Institute for Public History Lecture (co-sponsor)
Michal McMahon, New Jersey Institute of Technology
"From Delaware to the Calcasieu: Urbanization and the Destruction of Nature"

April-May 1992: "Spring History Series" Texas Medical Center (co-sponsor)
James H. Jones, University of Houston
"Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment"

Hannah S. Decker, University of Houston
"Mental Health and Local and National Government"

Martin V. Melosi, University of Houston
"The Origins of Sanitary Services in Houston"

John Ettling, University of Houston
"Philanthropy, Religion, and the Origins of American Medical Research"

April 1992: Institute for Public History Lecture (co-sponsor)
Thomas R. Dunlap, Texas A&M University
"Comparative Environmental History: Australia and the United States"

September 1992: National Teleconference, Clean Houston (co-sponsor)
"Promote Landfill Alternatives Now"

September 1992: Institute for Public History Lecture (co-sponsor)
Kenneth T. Jackson, Columbia University
"Gentlemen's Agreement: Race, Poverty, and Suburban Discrimination in Metropolitan America"

October 1992: Tenneco Lectures in Ethics and the Professions
Reid Mitchell, Princeton University
"Going Home: The Problem of Death During the Civil War"

December 1992: Tenneco Lectures in Ethics and the Professions
Alan H. Lessoff, Corpus Christi State University
"National Capital or American City: The Dilemma of Gilded Age Washington"

February 1993: Department of History, Honors Program, and Women's Studies (co-sponsor)
Theda Skocpol, Harvard University
"Protecting Soldiers and Mothers: The Political Origins of Social Policy in the United States"

March 1993: Tenneco Lectures in Ethics and the Professions
Nan Dreher, University of Pennsylvania
"Trenches, Troops and Turnips: World War I and London's Public Parks"

April 1993: National Teleconference, Clean Houston (co-sponsor)
"Recycling Realities"

May 1993: Society of Southwestern Archivists Conference (co-sponsor)

June 1993: Tenneco Distinguished Lecture Series
Daniel Yergin, Cambridge Energy Research Associates
"The Prize: Oil and the Modern World"

June 1994: Tenneco Distinguished Lecture Series
Cornel West, Harvard University
"Race Matters: The Future of a Multicultural Society"

February 1995: Tenneco Distinguished Lecture Series
Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient; Harvard University
"On the Threshold of the 21st Century: Threats and Promises"

Panel Discussion, "Conflict and Understanding in the Modern American City"

November 1995, College of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Communication and Women's Studies Lecture
Betty Friedan
"From The Feminine Mystique to The Fountain of Age"

October 1996: Humanities, Fine Arts and Communication Lecture (co-sponsor)
Carlos Fuentes, author, Mexico
" A Vision of Mexico"

October 1997: Tenneco Lecture
William J. Winslade, University of Texas Medical Branch/Galveston
"Assisted Suicide: Who Should Decide?"