About the Program

In July 2001, the Political Science Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) identified a divide between formal and empirical modeling in social sciences and helped fund a number of summer institutes that would work to bridge this divide.  Since 2002, hundreds of students and faculty have completed the summer Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM) institutes at various universities.

In summer 2012, the EITM Summer Institute at the University of Houston (UH) was established.  The two-week institute teaches the NSF-inspired three-step EITM framework.  The purpose of this framework is to establish a transparent relation between theory and test and lead to cumulation of knowledge (for more information about the three steps please see Granato, Lo, and Wong 2010).

The UH institute also focuses on the practical implementation of an EITM research design in participant's dissertations and other research projects.  If you have a paper or dissertation that you believe will benefit from the EITM framework, this program may be right for you.  Refer to the Welcome Kit for a brief description of the structure and purpose of the UH EITM program.


Application for the 2014 EITM Summer Institute

The application deadline for the 2014 EITM Summer Institute was February 7, 2014.  Check back in fall 2014 for information on the 2015 EITM Summer Institute.



Participants are expected to cover their transportation costs to and from Houston.  Each participant who is accepted will receive a scholarship of $2,000.  Housing, breakfasts and lunches will be provided by the Hobby Center for Public Policy.



If you would like more information or have questions, contact us at or at 713-743-3970.



The Hobby Center for Public Policy thanks Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) and the National Science Foundation (SES-1324203) for their support of the EITM Summer Institute. 

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