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the Bill of Rights






General information


Liberty!From the companion site to the PBS series Liberty! Chronicle of the Revolution

Places and battles: Boston, 1774; Philadelphia, 1776;  Trenton, 1776; Saratoga, 1777; Yorktown, 1781; Philadelphia, 1791

Subject index:

1. "The Anti-Federalist Papers"
2. Abraham Lincoln
3. The Baroness von Riedesel
4. Benedict Arnold's Leg
5. Benjamin Franklin
6. Bernardo de Galvez
7. The Boston Tea Party
8. Daniel Boone
9. The Declaration of Independence
10. Diversity
11. Ecology
12. The Edenton Ladies Tea Party
13. Educational Reform
14. Expanding Frontier
15. Hessians
16. James Madison
17. Jehu Grant
18. John Adams
19. Joseph Brant
20. Judith Sargent Murray
21. Literary Ties
22. Loyalists
23. Marquis de Lafayette
24. Medicine
25. Minutemen, Militia and the Continental Army
26. Miraculous Convergence
27. Native Americans
28. Northwest Ordinance
29. Phillis Wheatley
30. The Second Continental Congress
31. Songs of the Revolution
32. Spain
33. The Stamp Act Riots
34. Tar and Feathering
35. Thomas Hutchinson
36. Thomas Jefferson
37. Thomas Paine
38. The Virtuous Republic
39. Who Fought in the Continental Army?





Internet Modern History Sourcebook


Newspaper accounts

All the News?
The American Revolution and Maryland’s Press

18th century life and the advent of the American Revolution as reported in the Maryland Gazette.



Boston Massacre


 Boston Massacre - A Behind-the-Scenes Look At Paul Revere's Most Famous Engraving

from The Early America Review.


For accounts of the Massacre, see:




Worcester Polytechnic Institute Military Science

:Battle of Lexington and Concord


Battle of Breed's Hill / Bunker Hill


[Painting]Battle of Saratoga


Battle of Monmouth



Institute for Learning Technologies, Columbia University

Battles of the American Revolutionary War

Student projects on various Revolutionary War battles include images and general information.


1932 US Monument at Cowpens NBNational Park Service: Cowpens National Battlefield. 

National Park Service site that commemorates a decisive battle that helped turn the tide of Revolutionary War in the South.



[The American Revolution:  National Discussions of Our Revolutionary Origins.]






Essays by professional historians on the Revolution




Intelligence in the War of Independence  

Information about espionage and special operations during the Revolution from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


Spy Letters of the American Revolution  

Explains espionage of the time with intercepted letters and the stories and methods behind them.



West Point Military Atlas  

Maps of Revolutionary War campaigns.


Religion and the American Revolution


The Hanging of Absalom







Religion and the American Revolution--Religion and the Founding of the America.

Part of a Library of Congress exhibition on Religion and the Founding of the American Republic, Library of Congress Exhibition.


Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries - Religion and the American Revolution

Sponsored by the National Humanities Center and written by Christine Heyrman of the Department of History, University of Delaware.


Revolutionary Era Timelines


The Boston MassacreHistory Place - American Revolution


LIBERTY! Timeline

Timeline of the Revolution, PBS Series “Liberty”


Songs of the Revolutionary Era


Fife & Drum

Loyalist and British Songs of the American Revolution








Independence Hall in Philadelphia






The Founding Fathers: Delegates to the Constitutional Convention

Brief biographies of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention from the National Archives.



Independence Hall, Philadelpia, PA Biographical Sketches

-Signers of the Declaration
-Signers of the A. O. C.

-Signers of the U. S. Constitution

Biographical sketches of America's founding fathers from the Rev. Charles A. Goodrich’s 1829 book, Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence.






For an indepth look at the Constitutional Convention and the ratification process, see an on-line exhibit entitled "A More Perfect Union," created by the National Archives. 

"Questions and Answers Pertaining to the Constitution" presents facts about the Constitution.



The Constitution: A Bicentennial Chronicle

Essays by leading historians and political scientists, sponsored by the American Historical Association and the American Political Science Association.

(Anti) Federalists

  1. The Constitutional Thought of the Anti-Federalists
    Murray Dry
  2. The Imperial Roots of American Federalism
    Jack Greene
  3. A Summer Seminar on The American Experiment
    Harvey Mansfield, Jr
  4. Eighteenth-Century American Constitutionalism
    Gordon S. Wood
  5. The Federalist
    Jean Yarbrough

Bill of Rights

  1. The Nationalization of the Bill of Rights: An Overview
    Richard C. Cortner
  2. James Madison and the Bill of Rights
    Jack N. Rakove
  3. George Mason's "Objections" and the Bill of Rights
    Robert A. Rutland


  1. Weevils in the Wheat: Free Blacks and the Constitution, 1787-1860
    James Oliver Horton
  2. The Meaning of American Citizenship
    Rogers M. Smith


  1. An Introductory Bibliography to American Constitutional History
    Kermit L. Hall
  2. The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States
    Donald S. Lutz
  3. The Origins of the Constitution
    Gordon S. Wood

The Courts

  1. The Supreme Court and the Rights of Aliens
    Leonard Dinnerstein
  2. A Frequent Recurrence to Fundamental Principles: The Courts and Constitutional Change
    A.E. Dick Howard
  3. The Origins of the National Judiciary
    Philip B. Kurland

The Declaration of Independence

  1. The Declaration of Independence: A Constitutional Document
    George Athan Billias


  1. The Achievement of the Framers
    Henry Steele Commager

The Great Convention

  1. From Confederation to Constitution: The Revolutionary Context of the Great Convention
    Lance Banning


  1. James Madison and the Extended Republic: Theory and Practice in American Politics
    Jack N. Rakove

Public Schools

  1. Education for a Republic: Federal Influence on Public Schooling in the Nation's First Century
    David Tyack


  1. Ourselves and Our Daughters Forever: Women and the Constitution
    Linda K. Kerber