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Josh Weisberg

Assistant Professor

Josh Weisberg is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston. He specializes in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, with a focus on consciousness. His current research investigates the relationship between concepts and sensations in conscious experience, the prospects for a scientific explanation for consciousness, and issues surrounding the the nature and epistemology of first-person access. Recent and forthcoming publications include "Type-Q Materialism" (with Pete Mandik, in Naturalism, Reference, and Ontology: Essays in Honor of Roger F. Gibson), "Misrepresenting Consciousness" (Philosophical Studies), and "Abusing the Notion of What-It's-Like-Ness: A Response to Block" (Analysis). He recently edited a symposium on the book Describing Inner Experience? Proponent meets Skeptic, by Russell Hurlburt and Eric Schwitzgebel, for the Journal of Consciousness Studies (January 2011).


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