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Course Descriptions

Most TA's and TF's will be teaching our freshman courses, although all will have an opportunity to teach literature courses before they leave the University. These pages are designed to give a set of guidelines and then to show how various TA's and TF's have innovated within those guidelines. We also have material on sophomore literature courses.

The first few items on this page will lead you to an understanding of what our courses are. We include descriptions of the courses and the textbooks you will be using. In 1303 we all use the same text. In 1304, there is a default text and alternatives. It is also possible for an experienced TA or TF to petition for a textbook not on our list. We provide a sample syllabus for 1304. It will provide not only a model for content but also annotations on what needs to be on a syllabus. If the syllabus is clear and complete, misunderstandings with students do not arise later in the course.

Finally, we provide some syllabi and assignments that have been successfully used within our guidelines.