Bernardino de Sahagun


The Florentine Codex

   " The earliest version of his work, the Codex Matritense, consists of short entries, accompanied by drawings, that act as something of an analytic dictionary of terms in the Nahuatl language" (Sister). When he compiled all of his information together, he decided to design the information like the contemporary encyclopedia. Fray Bernardino de Sahagun compiled the Codex into 12 different volumes. Each volume had a title based on the subject matter. Various parts of the Codex Florentine still gave the look of dictionary admissions and others had a sturdy narrative logic (Sister). Most of the information in the Codex consists of the explanation of Aztec society, Aztec life in the concept of home life (i.e. birth, marriage, death, and the life of a woman).  A huge benefit to the Florentine Codex  is the fact that it conserved the Nahuatl language.