Bibliography of Cognitive Science and Music

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Raffman, Diana; Language, Music and Mind , Cambridge: MIT Press

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Riotte, Andre; "Models and metaphors: Formalizations of music" , Contemporary music review vol. 4 pp. 373-380.

In: Music and the cognitive sciences. Chur, Switzerland: Harwood, 1989.

Roeder, John; "The analysis and cognition of basic melodic structures: The" , Music theory spectrum vol. 15, no. 2 pp. 267-272..

Rowe, Robert; Interactive music systems: Machine listening and composing , Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Interactive music systems, in response to human musical suggestion, react dynamically in composition or performance. Several interactive systems are reviewed from the perspectives of music theory, music cognition, and artificial intelligence, to indicate how musically these computer programs incorporate and synthesize human musical concepts. (Jenkins, Vincel)

Royal, Matthew; "Review of Cognitive Bases of Musical Communication, edited by Mari Riess Jones and Susan Holleran " , Psychology of Music 22:1 p. 75.

Rubenstein, Bat-Sheva; "A model for developing advanced level aural cognition focused on the melodic elements in selected twentieth century music", ( PhD, Music Education, New York University )

Russ, Michael; "The analysis and cognition of basic melodic structures: The" , Music & letters vol. 37, no. 1 pp. 450-454.

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