Bibliography of Cognitive Science and Music

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N/A, N/A; "Special Music Issue" , Leonardol: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology. 4

Narmour, Eugene; "The "genetic code" of melody: Cognitive structures generated by the implication-realization model" , Contemporary music review vol. 4 pp. 45-64.

In: Music and the cognitive sciences. Chur, Switzerland: Harwood, 1989

Nelson, David Craig; "The phenomenological study of music listening experiences: Methodological, clinical and practical implications", ( PsyD, Pepperdine University )

Neumeyer, David; "The analysis and cognition of basic melodic structures: The implication-realization model (review)" , Journal of musicological research vol. 12 pp. p. 170s-177s.

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