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Creating Digital Stories with Windows Movie Maker 2


Make the most of your computer time by spending extra time coordinating images with audio and narration using storyboarding.

A storyboard is a graphic, sequential depiction of a narrative. It will help you visualize your story, with images, audio and narration, before starting with Movie Maker. Coordinate your images with your desired narration and audio.

Storyboards can be made a number of different ways. To get a better idea of what your digital story will look like, try to use real photos on your storyboard. The following are examples of different types of storyboards.

The Index Card Method

Draw quick visual representations of the ideas for each image of your story and include the accompanying text.

Use index cards to help you plan your story

Timeline Template Method

This method allows you to separate the different elements of your movie onto separate tracks which you can then refer to when building your story in Movie Maker.

Storyboard example using a template

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