How to Install the WebLogic Font onto your Computer


  1. Click on this link: WebLogic.ttf to download the font file to your computer.  A window will open. Click "Save".
  2. A new window will open.  In this window, indicate a location for saving the font file (the Desktop is a good choice),  then click "Save".
  3. The file WebLogic.ttf should appear where you saved it.  Now you need install this file into your operating sytem.
  4. If you have the Vista version of the Windows operating system, here is a link for the instructions:
  5. If you have an old machine but without WindowsXP do this:
    1. From Start, select Settings and then Control Panel.
    2. Find the Fonts folder and open it.
    3. Copy the WebLogic.ttf file into this folder.
  6. If you have WindowsXP do this:
    1. From Start, select Search.
    2. Enter: Fonts in the search window, and press Return.
    3. You should see a list of files including the Fonts FOLDER. Click on it.
    4. Now copy or drag the WebLogic.ttf into the Fonts folder and you are done.