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William Nelson is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston. He teaches courses on Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law and Medical Ethics. In Fall, 2011, he is teaching Phil 6396, a seminar on Kantian Ethics.


E-mail: wnelson@uh.edu

Phone: (713) 743-3203

Office Hours, S 2011: TTh 1:00-3:00.


Nelson's current research is in the areas of moral and political theory. "Liberal Theory and its Critics" recently appeared in Blackwells Guide to Political Philosophy, 2002, "Varieties of Rights: How they Work and How they are Justified," in Social Theory and Practice, July, 2005. "Kant's Formula of Humanity," and "The Epistemic Value of Democracy appeared, respectively, in Mind and Episteme, in the spring of 2008. He recently presented “Ruminations on Property, Taxes and Distribution.”


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