A few tips on common usages of conjunctions and particles


ἀλλά “but”


ἄρα (not to be confused with  ἆρα, which may introduce a question)  = “of course,” “then” in an apodosis


γε  “at least, at any rate”


γοῦν  ”at any rate,”  explaining in what sense a preceding statement ought to be taken


δή  “indeed”  used with imperatives, it is common after γάρ 



·        καὶ  δὴ καί  = and in particular


καί   “and, even, also”


μέντοι   “however, and yet”


μήν, γε μήν, καὶ μήν  “furthermore”

·        οὐ μόνον... ἀλλὰ καί   “not only...but also”


οὐδέ, μηδέ   “and not, nor, not even, not either”


οὖν  “ therefore”


οὔτε . . οὔτε, μήτε . . μήτε neither... nor”


τε  ”and”


τοίνυν   ”well then”