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Review and Overview

  OV1a:   Review of parts of speech in English

  OV1b:   Review of parts of speech in Greek

  OV2:      Review of the syntax of cases

  OV3:      Review of the syntax of clauses

  OV4:      Review of the syntax of participles.  Equivalent functions.

  INDISPENSABLE FORMS TO KNOW  (WITH LINKS)     correlatives                             

Lesson 19

19.1   Perfective aspect      19.2a  Forms of the Active Perfect and Pluperfect   

 19.2b   Active Perfect Participle      19.2c   How to learn the Active Perfect

19.3   Purpose clauses

[17.4  Equivalent functions, 1]
19.4   Equivalent functions, 2

Lesson 20

20.1  Principal parts, tenses, voices     

20.2a  Middle-Passive Perfect and Pluperfect. Dative of personal agent.        

20.2b  How to learn the Middle-Passive Perfect

20.3  Contract -όω  verbs

20.4  Overview of conditional clauses, 1

  Lesson 21

21.1   Aorist and Future Passive

21.2   Principal parts of irregular verbs 

21.3    Result clauses

21.4    Clauses of fearing

21.5    Reading

Lesson 22

22.1  “Root” aorist

22.2   Introduction to the Optative

22.3    Conjugation of the Optative

22.4    Overview of conditions, 2: potential conditions

22.5   Contrary to fact statements

22.6   Chart of moods in main clauses


Lesson 23


23.1   Comparatives and Superlatives:  Forms        

23.2   Comparatives and Superlatives:  Syntax

23. 3  Translation of verbs: generalities, I    

23.4   Translation of verbs: generalities, 2  

23.5   Review of noun  clauses: indirect statements and indirect questions.  "Indirect optative


Lesson 24


 24.1a  Athematic or  μι verbs.  A primer:  τίθημι and δίδωμι

 24.1b  Athematic or  μι verbs.  A primer:  ἵστημι

 24.2a  Transitive and intransitive forms of  ἵστημι

 24.3  Overview of dependent clauses       24.4  Dependent clauses: Koinę examples

 24.5  Overview of conditions, 3: Contrary to fact


Lesson 25


 25.1   ἵημι  and τίθημι compared

 25.2   Athematic verbs with suffix -νυ

 25.3   Overview of conditional clauses, 4: Generalizing conditions

 25.4  Uses of the cases:  nominative and accusative

Lesson 26

 26.1  Aorist active of μι verbs

 26.2  Aorist middle of μι verbs

 26.3  Uses of the cases:  genitive

 26.4  Uses of the cases:  dative  


Lesson 27


 27.1 Review of the independent uses of moods

 27.2  Chart of adverbial clauses. 

 27.3 Temporal clauses

 27.4  Causal clauses, comparative clauses; clauses of striving or effort


                        Forms, part I       Syntax, part I      Forms, part 2       Syntax, part 2     Forms, part 3         Syntax, part 3         


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