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The forms of nouns

Third declension

     Neuter  σ stems (contracted)

Review 4n.0

Lesson 13: 13.1, 13.2

     Masculine & feminine  σ  stems (contracted)

Lesson 14: 14.1

     Vowel stems of the 3rd declension:

       πόλις, πρέσβυς, ἄστυ

Review 4n.1

Lesson 15: 15.1 

     Diphthong stems of the 3rd declension:   ἱερεύς

Review 4n.2

Lesson 16: 16.1

The forms of adjectives   

Adjectives of the 3rd declension

Review 4a.0  (Overview)

    Nasal stem εὐδαίμων, εὔδαιμον   (Type2a)


Lesson 14: 14.1

     Contract adjectives: ἀληθής, ἀληθές  (Type2b)

Review 4a.2

Lesson 18: 18.2 

     ὀξύς, ὀξεῖα, ὀξύ   (Type2c)

  Lesson 18:

     Irregular adjectives (Type2d)

Review 4a.4  

The forms of pronouns and pronouns/adjectives

   Indefinite pronouns and adjectives

Review 4pr.0

Lesson 10 

   Reflexive pronouns and possessive adjectives        

Review 4pr.1

Lesson 16: 16.2 

   Relative pronoun: Declension

Review 4pr.2

Lesson 13: 13.4b  


 Some irregular nouns and adjectives

  Irregular nouns and adjectives of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd declension


Less 13:  13.5




Course webpages

                                 The forms of verbs

     Contract   -άω  verbs

Review 4v.10

Lesson 17:  17.1    

                      Tenses                                          Voices

Second aorist

Active and middle

Review 4v.2

Lesson 14:

14.2, 14.3a, 14.3b   


Forms of the Present Subjunctive 

Review 4v.8

Lesson 17:  17.2  

Forms of the Aorist Subjunctive

Review 4v.9

Lesson 18:  18.1  


Participles                                                                         Review 4p.0            Participle of "to be"

Present  participles, active and middle-passive

Review 4p.1 

Lesson 15: 15.3 

Future participles, active and middle

Review 4p.2

Aorist participles, active and middle

Review 4p.3     4p.4

Lesson 15:  15.4a      15.4b